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Orchids will die from this stupid mistake that almost everyone makes

Orchids will die from this stupid mistake that almost everyone makes

Orchids are beautiful plants that are prized for the elegance of their flowers. When placed in the home, it makes any furniture elegant and is the perfect gift to express devotion and affection towards anyone.

It is very easy to kill an orchid, especially if you don’t know a few simple tricks to keep it alive. The main reason many people cause orchids to wilt is too much water. In fact, the orchid is a tropical plant, it only needs to be wet when the soil is completely dry.

In addition, there is another very frequent mistake, which few people pay attention to, but which can significantly affect the life of the plant.

Orchids will die from this stupid mistake that almost everyone makes

Buying an orchid is almost a guarantee. In fact, anyone who thinks that orchids fade instantly is very mistaken. Maybe he thinks so because he doesn’t know it 3 simple tricks to get orchids blooming all year round.

When we think of an orchid, the image of this beautiful plant immediately comes to mind with its elegant and vase-like flowers, mainly white or purple. And here exactly the dangerous error disappears.

If we buy an orchid as soon as we combine it with a ceramic pot lid, we are very mistaken.

There is a clear and definite reason to sell orchids in a transparent vase right from the start. The root system of these plants implements Photosynthesis of chlorophyll, which is only activated when there is light. On the contrary, by placing the plant in a ceramic pot, we block the access of light and cause serious inconvenience to the plant. And in fact, orchids will die because of this stupid mistake that almost everyone makes. Not to mention the orchids that wither because of This is a huge mistake that many people make in the summer.

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Beware of thermal shocks

Plants that are moved from the nursery to convenience stores or homes are subject to significant changes in the microclimate. We are talking about the characteristics of the environments, such as the level of humidity, the presence of light and temperature. These differences can create stress on our plant. To avoid creating this unpleasant situation for our plant, we must try to keep the internal temperature of our house always constant. In particular, the ideal temperature for growing an orchid fluctuates between 10 and 27 degrees, although this also varies greatly according to the type of orchid.


This extremely rare and unusual orchid amazes anyone who sees it as if it looks like a monkey and looks like it came out of a cartoon

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