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Oracle: Those who attend stadium events want more technology

According to a new survey conducted by Oracle Foods and Drinks (to divide inspiration which deals with vertical catering solutions), consumers around the world – and Italians are no exception – Focus on technology to improve it Stadium Experiencetake advantage of them portable devices and innovative environments such as metaverse.

For example, file 56% of Italian stadium goers For sports or leisure Pre-order food and drinks To avoid queues and reduce waiting times and 54% He thinks it would be great to be able to to interact With their favorite bands and artists in metaverse.

Fans and stadium goers want the best of both worlds, real and virtual: they’re looking for the thrill of watching a live show, but they want the convenience they already experience in other aspects of their lives like ordering food..

While providing an interactive experience is a challenge for the operators who operate these structures, on the other hand, the increasing expectations of fans have required the introduction of innovation and digitization in the traditional field of stadiums.‘, he stated Simon de Montfort Walkerand Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Food and Beverage Corporation.

Survey conducted by Oracle Untold Insights research partner titled “Stadium Without Borders: Stadium Technology and Trends in 2022 and Beyond5,640 consumers participated in May 2022 in 11 countries: Australia, Brazil, China, France and Germany, ItaliaMexico, Spain, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States.

Technology for an exceptional stadium experience – before, during and after the match

From stadium entry to player performance stats, stadium goers want the technology that allows them to do so Maximize their experience on the site.

  • 54% You think it would be great to be able to interact with your favorite bands and artists in metaverse (eg with virtual backstage tours or stadiums, meetings, business purchases, etc.). This desire is more pronounced in millennials (66%) and families (62%).
  • The 46% He states that he wants to use his country A fingerprint, instead of a ticketto enter the stadium.
  • The 34% (As a first preference) You want to view a file sports stats through your mobile device. The 60% Of the respondents interested in receiving special offers for pre-match activities.
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Even in stadiums, there is a shortage of personnel; Fans believe the service is getting worse and expect the technology to speed up procedures and reduce wait times.

  • 39% are frustrated by the long booking queues.
  • 53% would prefer a more flexible and independent digital experience than interacting with employees during live events in stadiums.
  • 56% liked the idea of ​​pre-ordering food and beverages for pickup at a specific time.
  • 32% of people would pay extra to pre-order a meal if it meant a shorter wait.

Robots in sports: enemies or friends?

Bill ShloeSan Francisco Giants Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer said: “Today’s fans expect an experience that goes beyond the match. They are looking for great food, friendly service, engaging promotions and hopefully their favorite team wins..

Technology plays an increasingly important role in delivering these experiences, from the moment a fan starts planning their trip to Oracle Park. For example, more and more fans are avoiding queues by ordering food on their mobile devices, so that they do not miss any action on the field. Oracle technology helps us bring these shows to life and constantly imagine how we can improve our fans’ experience“.

The survey also showed that not all fans agree on the controversial topic of switching to robotic referees and refereeing systems in various sports.

While many seem indifferent, the cheer for or against bots largely depends on where they’re from:

  • 42% of fans globally hate the idea (53% for Italy), 29% like it (23% for Italy) and 29% are apathetic (24% for Italy).
  • At the top of the “haters” ranking are Germany (58%), Italy (53%), Spain (52%), Australia (50%), France (48%) and Brazil (44%).
  • Meanwhile, China (54%) and the United Arab Emirates (53%) like the idea of ​​robot rulers.
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