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Open Arms, Salvini trial adjourned to May 13

Open Arms, Salvini trial adjourned to May 13

In August 2019, the open arms case against Matteo Salvini, accused of abducting 147 immigrants aboard the Spanish ship voluntary charity Open Arms and denying official documents, lasted more than 12 hours. The trial is set to begin on May 13. “I texted Minister Cordobia that he could not attend the summit on CSM reform with his lawyer, Giulia Pongiorno, because we are involved in the trial in the courtroom this morning,” Matteo Salvini said during a brief suspension of the Open Arms hearing. The summit with the minister jumped precisely because of the absence of the league today. As if everything had been postponed, tomorrow afternoon. To the online summit.

“Staying in the courtroom for thirteen hours for a political trial is very strange …” Matteo Salvini told Adnkronos at the end of the open arms trial. “Of all the problems our country faces, it is a shame, in my view, to work a whole day in a court where mafias are being investigated.” Thus the leader of the league Matteo Salvini left the bunker classroom in Palermo.

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