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"Only with her the buses burned down" - Libero Quotidiano

“Only with her the buses burned down” – Libero Quotidiano

stripping news Targeted with the usual stinging sarcasm Virginia Raggi, only in the hours that he wrestled with the gaffe that occurred at the opening of the painting in honor of Carlo Azeglio CiampiWho became “Azelio” right in front of the president Sergio Mattarella. A true fool, difficult to erase, also because he was amplified by the lie immediately circulated by the administration of the capital, according to which the painting could not be discovered because he who had installed it a short time before could have damaged it very badly.

Instead, it was clear that the painting reported a very critical error: among other things, the mayor made sure that a replacement painting with the correct name of the former President of the Republic arrived immediately, which instead did not happen. Canale 5’s satirical news has only touched on the state of the board, airing a service on it Valeria Grassi He plays Virginia Raggi’s mother: “Core de mamma, just a figure de m…”.

Among other things, Gracie objected Alessandro de Batista, to whom he stated, “Virginia is the one who believes in her, in fact she still believes in 5 stars. We were disappointed that Conti no longer makes himself audible, not even a small letter, I told her he only knows how to write Dpcm and also poorly.” at the end of the service, Michael Hunziker And she released a sarcastic joke: “With Raji’s re-election, politics caught on, and it’s a fad because with her so far only buses have been ignited.”

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