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“Only Six Months to Live”: The Tragedy of Martin Castrogiovanni

The new version of You yes Q JM With the beloved jury made up of Maria De Filippi, Jerry Scotti, Rudy Zerbe, Teo Mamukari, and Sabrina Ferrelli. Additionally, Belen Rodriguez, Alessio Sakara and Martin Castrogiovanni have been confirmed to contest. Only from the latter, thanks to a series of data reported by Weekly More TVLive it 2015 became famous for his words that split the hearts of his fans in two…

A shocking statement issued by Martin Castrogiovanni to weekly More TV Regarding his state of health during an interview for his acclaimed return Tu Si Que Vales

Martin Castrogiovanni

Martin Castrogiovanniwhich is also part of the dense kindergarten Tu Si Que ValesHe unbuttons himself in a touching confession during an interview with Family Magazine More TV: “They gave me six months of life. After a series of tests and examinations, they told me they had cancer of the lumbar nerve region.” After promptly undergoing further tests, as they should, with hours of genuine anxiety and pure fear, the diagnosis – fortunately – proved wrong. The tumor was, in fact, benign Even if it has to be surgically removed. From that story, only a small scar was left of him reminding him of how lucky he was…

Thanks to Maria

Furthermore, the man could not help but express his great gratitude to Queen Mary above all else: β€œShe loves me because I’m a simple man! ‘, expressed himself in this way about the decision of the presenter, the real and true Queen of Mediaset Networks, who wanted it so badly on Saturday night’s broadcast of Canale 5, which is very popular with adults, adults and children alike.

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After the drama you want to get married now

Martin Castrogiovanni He must say thank you to the presenters: Mille Carlucci and the aforementioned Maria de Filippi. To the premiere of his casting selection Dancing with the stars In 2017 he was paired with Sara Di Vaira and the second because he was entrusted with management – which he shares with Belen Rodriguez and Alessio Sakara – You are yes Q Falez. Here is his full statement regarding Maurizio Costanzo’s wife: “She has always said that she loves me because I am a simple boy. Since our first meeting He told me to always be myself Because life will smile at me.”

Martin Castrogiovanni and his illness
Martin Castrogiovanni

And on an emotional level, how is it placed? Is he engaged? married? Do You Have Children? What do we know about your privacy? He is married to the wonderful Daniela Marzoli For whom he spent very sweet words saying: β€œHe is one of those you meet When life decides to give you a gift“.