Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Online RNG “fixed”, ruining PvP battles – Multiplayer.it


According to many users’ reports, V.I Pokemon Scarlet and Violet L’Online match RNG he is installed And not random, players can use it to their advantage to achieve almost certain victory, thus eliminating competition.

In (very shoddy) words, RNG stands for Random Number Generators, i.e. numbers that are randomly generated. Since video games are based on mathematical calculations, there is no real randomness, it is simulated using this system. Starting from fixed values ​​and so-called “seeds” the outcome of randomness-related mechanics is determined. For example, in Pokémon moves have an accuracy value from 30 to 100 (%) which determines the number of hits. Thanks to RNG, the game determines when an attack with an accuracy of less than 100 is able to hit the target or not.

According to the discoveries of Anubis and other players, it appears that the RNG for online matches of Pokemon Scarlett and Violet in Battle Stadium Always use the exact same seeds for every fight. As a result, the outcome of attacks is never random but pre-determined, which players can use to their advantage. It’s a bit like a deck of cards, but every time you shuffle the cards, you always get the exact same hand.

Let’s take as an example moves like Purofroge, which are OHKOed (i.e. they immediately reset the opponent’s health if hit) but on the other hand are also inaccurate (30% probability). Thanks to this flaw in Game Freak’s algorithm, the player can exploit the “fixed RNG” to always determine the exact turn a move will take place. Needless to say, this has the potential to completely ruin the online Pokémon Scarlet vs Violet matches and competitive scene.

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The hope, of course, is that Game Freak will fix this glitch as soon as possible with a future update to Pokemon Scarlett and Violet, as well as improve the performance of the two titles, which currently leave a lot to be desired.


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