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One life, a huge blow to viewers: Changing Mediaset schedules

One life, a huge blow to viewers: Changing Mediaset schedules

Mediaset is ready to deliver a real hit to Una Vita viewers. The giant is considering adjusting the schedule.

The short life could move into another time period, with Mediaset ready to adjust its afternoon schedule once and for all. So let’s see what could happen soon.

Heroes of the TV series Mediaset (via WebSource)

there Mediaset, in these hours she had to change the schedule, due to an exciting and unexpected failure. In fact, Biscione often found himself altering his programming, precisely because of Low ratings from some broadcasts. This is exactly the case with Channel 5 With viewers who will soon have to send another and unexpected time change.

In fact, as of the next Monday of this hot summer, lucky summer Terra Amara predicts 14.45 Forcing another tomorrow to slip for an hour. But that’s certainly not the only difference in the schedule. So Mediaset decided to move as well life. The Spanish series, in fact, will go on vacation to make room for the indestructible nice to stretch. So let’s go see the reason behind these recent changes.

One Life, Mediaset shuffles the cards on the table: new changes to the table

One life predictions
Jacinto and Servante in the beloved Spanish TV series (via Facebook)

With these recent changes Mediaset It has a dual purpose. In fact, the TV giant wants to memorize the episodes of Una Vita that are now running out, and get to know his episodes. Worth a replacement for the important hole 14.10. Moreover, between the Spanish and Turkish epics, it is the second that gets better results. In fact, yesterday he earned over 19% for the Tour de France and Rai1 Sei Sorelle soap; Monday, without the race, got 22.5%.

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That’s why, given the TV season at full capacity, it will be called into the process of approaching and competing with a slot where the audience is higher. while serialTomorrow anotherIt will approximate the amount of time you would logically cover in the fall between Gf Vip day and Five in the afternoon. Terra Amara and Un Altro Domani will run from Monday to Friday also in August. For broadcast days, Mediaset has chosen not to adopt any changes.