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One health award, on teramo gutta for human, veterinary and environmental medicine - Virtù Quotidiane

One health award, on teramo gutta for human, veterinary and environmental medicine – Virtù Quotidiane

tiramo – Stefano Bertozzione of the most important senior managers in the American scientific world, a world-renowned researcher, along with Anthony Fauci In US health policies to control Covid. Valerio Rossi AlbertiniCNR physicist and academic, virologist Janis Siashi Zanellabiology Edward C. HolmesProfessor at the University of Sydney H Stacy Schultz ShareDeputy Director of the World Health Organization’s Collaborative Center for Environmental Studies on Influenza in Animals. David Kwamen (in the cover photo)famous article writer, author Extension and diffusionthe book that predicted the epidemic in 2012. And then Nico RomitoChef from Abruzzo, awarded with three Michelin stars.

These are just some of the world-famous names, including scientists and researchers, champions of the “One Health Prize”, the three-day event promoted by the Experimental Institute of Animal Animals of Abruzzo, which began today in Teramo.

The hero of the first day with a lecturer by Masters, Bertozzi, CEO of the American Society of Microbiology (ASM), which he directs in Washington, a role that earned him the nickname vavaliere of star of Italy, given to him by the President. for the republic Sergio Mattarellathen Ciacci Zanella, Holmes and Schultz-Cherry who are also members of the Scientific Committee for the One Health Prize, the award organized as part of the initiative, intended for research excellence in the national and international arena, but also for dissemination and commitment to the planet which will be awarded tomorrow evening For an Italian, foreign, famous scientist and story.

The aim of the three days is to reflect on the themes of unique health, that interdisciplinary approach where people’s health is directly linked to the health of animals and to the state of the environment in which we all live. To do this, the Zooprophylactic Institute, directed by Nicola DaltriotIt has relied on distinguished names in the fields of human medicine, veterinary medicine and the environment.

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Tomorrow is the highlight of the initiative, with a discussion on global health between the Deputy Director-General of FAO and the former Minister of Agriculture, Maurizio MartinaFor years involved in key issues of food and environmental emergencies, Francesco BrancaDirector of the Department of Nutrition and Food Safety at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Ibrahim Al-ZaqThe representative of the World Health Organization in Tunisia H Jean-Philippe DubeDeputy Director of the World Animal Health Organization (Woah).

An imperative thinking, tomorrow morning, with schools to stimulate a new sense of responsibility for the planet they will participate in Massimiliano NarducciDirector General of the Regional School Office of Abruzzo, Veterinary Director of Eze in Teramo, Alessio Lorosso And CNR physicist Rossi Albertini. The latter will also be at a talking point for telling the general public about science, tomorrow afternoon.

It will enrich the round table on the national health system, Gianni RedaDirector General of Health Protection at the Ministry of Health, Antonio Sourishead of the veterinary department at Ats Bergamo, Americo SechettiDirector of Altems, Secondary School of Economics and Health Systems Management of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan H Stefano VillaProfessor of Global Health at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome.

Not just conferences. The event will also witness the theatrical performance “Sani”, scheduled for today at the Municipal Theater in Teramo, along with Marco Paolini. From biographical episodes and historical events to post-pandemic reboots, Paolini reflects on the sense of theater that gathers and does so beginning with the core themes of the climate crisis and environmental transformation. Tomorrow, we will think about nutrition through the words of Romito, a supporter of the social role of nutrition.

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