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One dose of the vaccine halves the transmission of Covid.  The UK proves it

One dose of the vaccine halves the transmission of Covid. The UK proves it

Even a single dose of the vaccine reduces the chances of transmitting the coronavirus in half. This is evidenced by a study conducted in the United Kingdom where more than 50 per cent of the population has now received at least the first injection and about 20 per cent both.

“This is great news: We already know that vaccines save lives and this study is the most comprehensive data in the real world that shows that it also reduced transmission of this deadly virus,” he said. Matt HancockBritish Secretary of State for Health. The research, conducted by Public Health England (Phe), included more than half a million households, and found that when a Coronavirus patient was not vaccinated, 10 percent of the family’s contacts were infected. On the other hand, among the vaccinated, the infection rate was just under six percent. In all cases, vaccines do not prevent one hundred percent of contracting the disease, especially after only one injection, as protection is still partial, even if it is now proven that they actually prevent the emergence of the disease seriously.

According to the study, people who live with an infected person are 38 percent less likely to contract the virus if that person is vaccinated with a single dose of Oxford-AstraZeneca, and 49 percent less likely if that person is vaccinated with a single dose. Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine dose obtained from Pfizer-BioNTech. The research included more than 57,000 contacts from 24,000 families with a laboratory confirmed case, compared to nearly one million contacts from unvaccinated cases. Peter EnglishThe former chair of the British Medical Association’s Committee on Public Health Medicine, spoke of “a set of very encouraging results that raise our hopes that vaccines do increase herd immunity.”

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This is very encouraging news that adds to that from other studies that have also been conducted on real data from the UK, which show that a single dose of the vaccine reduces the likelihood of developing symptoms by about two thirds. the doctor Mary RamsayNot only do they reduce the severity of disease and prevent hundreds of deaths every day, but we now see that they have an additive effect. On reducing the possibility of transmission of Covid-19, ”stressed, Phe’s Chief of Immunization. To others. “