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Once again the inevitable farewell Stefano Di Martino!

A strong indiscretion left everyone surprised by the fears of Stefano Di Martino’s possible farewell. Details here.

Stefano di Martino quickly became one of the most successful rai presenters and, as many know, began his career in the world of dance with his participation in the Amici di Maria De Filippi. In fact we can say that his skills as a leader of the orchestra put him far above his previous career as a dancer even if it was rigorous training carried out with a lot of dedication.

From Torre Annunziata in the province of Naples to Rome, on television, Stefano has come a long way.

Tonight anything is possible is one broadcast that he made, inherited by Amadeus, before moving to Rai 1, more recently Bar Stella, also on Rai 2 whose name occupies a famous pub in his hometown It was a lucky format that was very reminiscent of the irreverent programs written and directed by Renzo Arbor.

Finally Made in Sud, a format entirely dedicated to comedy, which is also very successful. However, it seems that the life of a very lucky young maestro is about to take a bad turn and the foolishness that worries him reveals something surprising.

Stefano de Martino has apparently also been talked about for his constant intensity and withdrawal with Belen Rodriguez with whom he was married and with whom he had a son, little Santiago.. In recent weeks, there’s been a lot of talk about the state of their relationship too because after Belin, fresh from new motherhood, leaves Antonino Spinalbes, the hairstylist with whom she was in a relationship, she seems to be back in Stefano’s arms more in love than ever. .

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Stefano Di Martino

As we know, the two met and got together at a time when Stefano was still in an on-going relationship with singer Emma Maroney who suffered a lot at the time.

In a recent interview Stefano opened by saying: “I know I created sorrows, and I created many, but never with bad intentions. I think I left bad memories, but also a good thing”.

Farewell Stefano Di Martino

Stefano Coletta, Rai’s manager, relies heavily on Stefano Di Martino’s talent and that’s why he decided to entrust him with managing Tim Summer Hits.

Stefano Di Martino

However, in 2023, if you were wondering, they will be back Anything Is Possible Tonight And Stella Bar. But how will he manage his commitments to Rai in connection with his presence in the talented Amici di Maria de Filippi, who in the meantime has become a professional dancer?

One wonders if given the many commitments made with Ray, he is not compelled to welcome the talent he unleashed. His career has definitely reached that tipping point where he can choose from multiple proposals. we will see.