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Once again Blue Origin and SpaceX, and again for Project Artemis: Where We Are

Project Artemis is still nearing completion, but NASA is still debating who should build the landing craft

Preparations for the new lunar mission are underway at NASA, but some aspects are not over yet –

Preparations for the Artemis mission continue. over there NASA He announced that five US agencies will be tasked with developing and designing lunar landers as well as providing ongoing feedback on the opportunities and security guarantees that this mission could entail.

As specified in an official note, we are not talking about the lunar landing systems that the mission will include. Companies are being asked to develop machines that should take on the tasks on the Moon. The project sees the allocation of large funds.

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against a total budget of $146 million which relate only to the concept of vehicles and not their realization, the following have been called:

  • Blue Origin, which will receive compensation of $25.6 million
  • Dynetics $40.8 Million
  • Lockheed Martin, $35.2 million
  • Northrop Grumman $34.8 million
  • And finally SpaceX, $9.4 million.

Characteristics of the Artemis mission and what are its goals

4g moon
With a roving vehicle equipped with an integrated 4G module, communications with the Earth will become easier. –

While waiting for engineers to provide more substantive ideas, NASA is focusing on the program Artemis It is close to leaving.

This is a spaceflight project that sees, as was the case for the International Space Station, the collaboration of several international space agencies. In fact, the European Space Agency (ESA), the Japanese Agency (JAXA) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) are involved.

The goal is to repeat the first landing on the Moon, bringing a heterogeneous crew to the south pole region of the Moon by 2024. The strategic importance of this mission is the possibility of creating a colony that is self-sufficient in the long term, and could create a pioneering model that could also be replicated on Mars.

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Definitely an ambitious project Which will see the first steps taken by launching the Orion craft, from the Space Launch System. But it is also very expensive. This is taking into account that in addition to the aforementioned $146 million, another $1.6 billion has been allocated to the Artemis project, a significant figure obtained thanks to an agreement between the US Senate Finance Committee and NASA. The amount was awarded only in response to a five-year economic plan request necessary for evaluation and approval by the government agency.

While waiting for the space agency and companies to develop more substantial concepts, all of the public’s attention remains focused on the Mars mission and on determination, which continues to sample and collect material on Mars soil.