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On the stage of the Regio the Sant’Ilario Awards, Parma celebrates its excellence.  Mayor Guevara: “There are many worthy associations here…” – Program of the Day – Winners – Who Saint Hilary of Poitiers

On the stage of the Regio the Sant’Ilario Awards, Parma celebrates its excellence. Mayor Guevara: “There are many worthy associations here…” – Program of the Day – Winners – Who Saint Hilary of Poitiers

Previewed in the foyer with a speech by Mayor Guevara, presenting the gold medals and merits, before his speech opening the ceremony on the stage of Reggio: “There are many nominations, many people and associations in Burma. They deserve it. However, this year, there was an extraordinary convergence among our winners, which you did. Proves the value of the work.

Remember Dsevod and Maleti, on stage, michelotti and Corradone marvasi

Anthem of Italy and La Stornellata Parmigiana by Ferdinando Rota – “Ensemble” of the Children’s Choir of Burma (Teatro Reggio, Ars Canto Giuseppe Verdi, Chorus Cortis and Parma Musicale) directed by Maestro Massino Massimo Astro, Fiocchi Malastro


Burma is gearing up to celebrate its patron saint, Sant’Ilario. Today starts at 11 am A traditional ceremony at the Teatro Reggio with two gold medals, seven certificates of civic merit and a joint special mention. Full live telecast on 12 TV Pharma and here on website. Before the ceremony in Reggio, 9 Masses in Sant’Ilario Oratory, under the arcades of the Ospedale Vecchio, via D’Azeglio where white gloves are presented to city officials. A solemn liturgical celebration of the patron saint is planned at the cathedral Mass at 5 p.m. presided over by Bishop Monsignor Enrico Solmi.

These are the first gold medals awarded by Michel Guerrera, who was elected mayor last June and will make his mayoral debut today at the Sant’Ilario awards ceremony. In addition to the awards, which include six to seven certificates of civic merit and two/three special mentions, this year the Sant’Ilario Award Ceremony will be presented by the new president of the municipality. Council 5 Editions «License plate» includes the long-awaited speech of Alessandro Tassi Carboni, Mayor to the city. A text outlining the priorities and directions that Guevara intends to pursue in the first year of his administration since taking office.

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Two gold medals for Toscano and Ausser (Read: Details of the two gold medalists)

The two gold medals awarded this year were among the last few “baubles” to receive the city’s highest recognition. In particular, Tuscan ambassador A few years ago he had to give up for health reasons and now his choice is safe. The award presented to him today will undoubtedly be in recognition of the value of his long service in the diplomatic corps of the Farnesina. Regarding User, the current President Paolo Bertoletti to withdraw the recognition, took over the leadership of the Association after being the Provincial General Secretary of CGIL and SPI CGIL, among others. Auser, known as the “vigilant grandparent”, has for decades carried out an important monitoring support operation in front of students’ entry and exit schools and has been a protagonist during Burma Capital of Culture events. 20/21.

Seven certificates of citizenship (Read: Winners Details)

They will go A multi-service cooperative, an important fact in the field of sanitation, hygiene and environmental health. Later on Stephanie Battistini, Tg 1’s special correspondent on Ukraine and major current events. to “Monessery of Parma”, an environmental protection organization formed by a spontaneous group of young volunteers. Other certificate a George BaruffiniHistorical figure of Liceo Ulivi and his wife Adriana Lucco, was also the long-time chancellor of Antelami and Parmigianino. After Francesco Barelli, director, actor, screenwriter and painter. Certified Sporting PolisportivaIt has been promoting activities aimed at children with disabilities for over 40 years. It still is Gilberto Gerra (Watch video interview)Director of the Prevention, Innovation and Research Unit of the Pharma Local Health Authority in the field of Pathological Addiction and Mental Disorders.

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Special note

Finally a special mention of the collective Sears Yellow Cross Pharma, Release help, Munus Community Foundation, Zebras Rugby And Valentina MissionIt is true that they brought their help to the Ukrainian people in various capacities.

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