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On the fuselage, former employees wrote their obligations

On the fuselage, former employees wrote their obligations

seven years ago

The company’s top management relied on the American Advertising Agency “

Leo Burnett

To restart the Alitalia tag afterwards the Union, Emirates Airlines bought 49% of the shares. The advertising campaign, which takes advantage of the massive use of social media, provided a


With social colours. What made it special was the presence of promises, written by some employees, along the entire device. Since the ink for the more classic markers will wear off after a few hours of flight, due to high-altitude weather conditions, the company decided to make them permanent using a technology

Unmodified flight


After the show, l

six years

Until the bankruptcy of Alitalia, Airbus flew

for all of Europe

He displayed this special poster at all the airports he visited. From December 15, 2021, date


From the tri-color airline, ETA repurchased the previous airline’s air buses, and apparently forgot about it


. However, a month later, that plane was also purchased by Ita Airways and will return to flying on the promises of its former employees, even the airline

It will replace the old livery

white with blue;

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