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Il tempo previsto per Domenica 21 Agosto 2022

On Sunday, there will still be a few thunderstorms with hail; Areas at risk »

Weather: On Sunday, there will still be a few thunderstorms with hail; Areas at risk

Expected weather for Sunday, August 21, 2022Although pressure is on the rise again in our country, the risk for some regions remains high Temporary And some Sleet.

The active phase is now archived Bad weather Unfortunately, some victims, injuries and many damages were caused in many parts of the center and north, and now a frightening movement of the Azores anticyclone towards Italy, combined with the strengthening of the Mistral wind, will guarantee a return to calm atmospheric conditions. Although not for everyone.

Beyond the Alps, in fact, we see a cyclonic vortex traveling towards the Balkans. It will be precisely the latter to maintain an unstable circulation mainly focused on some corners of the south. Areas of the low Tyrrhenian will be under observation, cloud density may develop frequently, capable of raining even in the background of storms, especially between Campania and Calabria. Events in these fields can acquire a strong severity character, so sudden winds and locality Sleet.

Less reported than other parts of the country Weather forecast It will be decidedly calm, mostly sunny and the only contrasting notes will be due to some clouds near the Alpine border areas, where a little rain during the hottest hours of the day is inevitable.

For the record, we also give a hint temperature In the next few hours, under the pressure of cold Mistral air, southern parts will register a more significant general decline after the great heat of recent days.

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