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On stage - RAI press office

On stage – RAI press office

Bowie Before Becoming Bowie: From “Absolute Rookie” to Rock. A musical journey, and more, Rai journalist Rita Rocca brings to life in “David Bowie. London Boy “, broadcast on Saturday 19 November at 21.15 on Rai 5 for the program “In Scena”. The document follows Bowie in a time period ranging from 1947 to 1973, from the birth of David Robert Jones (his real surname) to choosing the name with which he made history and his consecration as an international rock star. To tell it, there are exceptional witnesses, including blues singer Dana Gillespie, dancer and choreographer Lindsey Kemp, legendary keyboardist for Yes Rick Wakeman, but also other traveling companions like Phil Lancaster, drummer from Lower Third, Bowie’s group was part of it in the mid-1960s.
The search for artistic identity, influences, encounters, flops and the difficult rise to success: the documentary also collects iconic unpublished material and illuminates a hitherto unknown period of the musician’s life, highlighting the humanity and artistry that led the young David Jones to transform into David Bowie.
It also reviews the venues of her youth and the musical epics that accompanied her: from Elvis to the Beatles, from the Rolling Stones to the Velvet Underground, and from percussion to glam rock, while a very rich soundtrack provides an overview of Bowie’s musical development, collecting youth recordings, demos and songs unknown to the public People.
In addition to unpublished photographic material from private archives and from the collections of photographers such as Philip Olyak and Vernon Dewhurst, “David Bowie. London Boy ”is enriched by illustrations by three young artists: the French Hertz, the British Sarah Captain and the Italian Alice Ruffai.

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