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Antonella Clerici has re-emerged on Instagram as she recovers from her ovaries being removed.

Posted: July 4, 2024 at 6:12 PM

Antonella Clerici’s long convalescence continues: the presenter returns home after her convalescenceOvarian surgery She is slowly recovering, surrounded by the affection of her family. Rai Face It’s always noon She has returned to appear on social media, documenting her days of relaxation in Arquata Scrivia, in her “house in the forest”, the best place to recover from the operation that dates back to nearly a month ago.

Antonella Clerici returns to social media: how is her recovery going?

“Relaxation, countryside, nature, animals”: ​​for Antonella Clerici, this is the perfect recipe for recovery and rejuvenation after the emergency ovarian surgery she had to suddenly face about a month ago, after a routine check-up.

Today, after leaving behind the tsunami that swept her, she appears calm and relaxed, lying in the middle of the nature of her home in Arquata Scrivia next to her partner Vittorio Garrone, who has been by her side during this difficult period. “We are – he writes in the post – under the cocoa tree, the house in the forest”. The presenter also returned to Instagram to reassure her fans, who wish her a speedy recovery.

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After the delicate procedure she underwent just a few weeks ago, Antonella showed herself smiling, with her first dose in a long recovery period. Fortunately, her family was around.And the dogs Simba and Argo who are always by his side, and the undying affection of the fans. And then there is his lovable nature, the nature of his home in the jungle, where he can breathe clean air and fully recover from last month’s scare.

Antonella Clerici, Emergency Operation

It was June 13 when a photo appeared on Instagram that left users speechless: Antonella Clerici on a hospital bed, her tired face indicating a smile and her fingers in a victory sign.

“As always, I want to be honest with you and tell you what happened to me, so that everyone can remember The importance of prevention – Written accompanying the shot -. Last Thursday [6 giugno, ndr] I arrived in Rome with the idea of ​​staying close to a friend and going to Naples for Gigi D’Alessio’s concert. My gynecologist reminds me that I should do it. Check for ovarian cyst.And that’s where the tsunami starts. MRI, recovery, operation. Hello ovaries“Everything went well.”

This routine check-up led to an emergency operation, an oophorectomy, which went well, as the surgeon who performed the operation also explained:We had to intervene very quickly. to have Histological examination“It is still ongoing, able to indicate the nature of the training. We will only have a final confirmation in the next few weeks.” In any case, hopes are very good, considering that the risk “has decreased somewhat, and concerns are low at the oncological level.”

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Now Antonella has to make a full recovery: there will be no lack of support from her wonderful family and her fans, who can’t wait to see her back on the small screen for the next TV season.


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