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On December 15, 1964, the first satellite, San Marco-1 ., was launched

On December 15, 1964, the first satellite, San Marco-1 ., was launched


Fifty-seven years ago, the . program was December 15 1964, from the base of Wallops Island in Virginia, Italy launched in Void Ole Satellites, the San Marco -1. Thus began the journey that could have led our country in half a century to play a leading role in this sector, both at the scientific and technological levels.
San Marco-1 was a small satellite (just over 60 cm and weighing 115 kg), which was able to measure the density of the upper atmosphere in an accurate and continuous manner, thanks to an onboard instrument called “scala Broglio” from the name of its creator Luigi Broglio, Director of the College of Aeronautical Engineering and General of the Air Force.The central figure is Broglio who represents the synthesis of cooperation between the University of Rome and the Air Force.The Malindi Space Base in Kenya is named after him.
1964 is an important year for space not only for Italy but for Europe which is officially witnessing the birth of the European Space Research Organization (Esro) and the European Launcher Development Organization (ELdo) for the development of launch pads. A sector, the latter, which could have developed very profitably in Europe, and reached the point of ensuring the independence of Europe for launches with Ariane and Vega, Excellence – the latter – is entirely Italian.

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