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Omigron, the CTS was convened by the government on the 29th on the hypothesis of "short" isolation after the third dose.

Omigron, the CTS was convened by the government on the 29th on the hypothesis of “short” isolation after the third dose.

The government convened a science and technology committee on Wednesday morning.

Already this morning the government has begun to think carefully about isolation. It is emphasized that the current measures do not take into account the variation between the third dose and the omega. Evidence, however, underscores that scientists from the Scientific and Technological Committee (CTS) will evaluate and schedule possible changes before any other formal review.

Scientists were asked to assess whether the rules could be changed based on the epidemiological curve and the trend of swaps that will be carried out until Wednesday, December 29th. All of this should have a database that can be discussed during the cabinet meeting, which should probably take place the next day or Thursday the 30th. Any new measures must be evaluated by an absolute majority.

At this point, the possibility of reducing the isolation time of those who have already received the booster is being considered. Government sources show that if a person receives a third dose and interacts positively, he or she should be isolated for a few days. The duration is estimated. Currently there is a 7-day isolation for a vaccine that is associated with positive. In the meantime, the isolation period for those who completed the vaccine cycle with 2 doses is being studied.

Isolation for third-dose vaccines can now be reduced to seven days, three to five days.

Son: “Scientists are at work”

“We had a response this morning with Minister Speranza on the number of people being isolated. Scientists from the Institute of Higher Health are studying. Isolations today are different depending on whether they are vaccinated or not. What sector are we looking at?” Therefore, when the Gov. Extraordinary Commissioner for Emergencies, General Francesco Paulo Figuero, visited the Children’s Vaccination Center of the Combagnia de San Paulo Foundation, he discussed the possible reform of the current isolated system. “We are very closely monitoring what is happening in the reference countries and then there is a control room on what to do,” he adds.

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Greco (Cts): “Fourth dose? No data yet to justify it”

At this time “there is no data yet to justify the fourth dose of the anti-govt vaccine because the required follow-up time after the third dose has not yet passed. We do not yet have time to understand whether immunity is present after the third dose. History tells us, the third dose usually leaves a long-lasting immune memory “. Thus, when asked about Israel’s announcement to launch a fourth dose of vaccine for those over 60 and at risk, Sky’s guest, a member of the Council for Technical Sciences (CTS), epidemiologist Donado Greco, but immediately stopped pending further data.

“It’s wrong to take Israel as a reference – Greco says – because it has a population, but above all an institutional status, even a paramilitary type, is not equal in Europe, so it is interesting to take it as an example, compared to other countries like Spain, France or the UK. None, they run a lot because they are more affected than many European countries and Italy, so a fourth dose is an expectation, but there is still no data to justify it.

Kimbe: “Correction needed”

Chairman of Kimbe Foundation, Nino Cordabellotta, returned to ask for a review of the isolations. “Omigron is highly contagious. Each positive – Radio Kuzano complex – may have had an average of 5 to 10 contacts. If there are one million positive, that means there may be 5 to 10 million contacts. It is not possible to send for isolation. Therefore the rules for this type should be amended. The person who has been vaccinated with the third dose should look at his or her isolation.

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“We need to get into the health, economic and social management of the epidemic. For example, as I advocate for the Ffp2 mask on the indoor campus, surgery can now be considered a ‘homeopathic’ solution that is far less safe,” Cordabellotta said. “The obligation to wear a mask outside has a lot of social function. It requires general knowledge – he added. I am also an advocate of vaccine duty. It is enough to talk about the first, second and third dose. The vaccine must be changed. A public health measure will be administered from time to time. Despite the spread, the vaccine does not allow congestion in hospitals. “

Jaya and Federica: “Review Isolation for Vaccinated People”

“It’s reasonable to start thinking about segregation for those who have been vaccinated,” Luca Zoya, president of Veneto, declared at the usual point about Kovit:

“I share the response that isolation for those who have been vaccinated needs to be corrected. Maximum security without blocking the country.” Massimiliano Fedriga, President of Friuli Venezia Giulia and President of the Regional Conference, writes on Twitter.

Pacetti: “Only victims are isolated”

“Christmas 2020 is completely different from Christmas 2020: a year ago, we could not continue to carry out the same activities for which no one was vaccinated.” Thus interviewed Courier della sera, Matteo Pacetti, Director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic at San Martino Hospital in Genoa, he proposes to isolate only victims and not their contacts.

“Isolation should only be reserved for positives – continues Passetti – making no sense in closing close ties with family members and the home, not to mention hysteria if they are healthy. tampons: Vaccinated people should be vaccinated only if they have symptoms. Also, let us remind you once again The tampon gives a false protection, Because it can give a snapshot of a moment and false negatives “.

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