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Omigron 5, Symptoms and Infections.  Variation scares: "Possible summer peak in Italy"

Omigron 5, Symptoms and Infections. Variation scares: “Possible summer peak in Italy”

Bologna, 15 June 2022 – Infections of Omicron 5, the latest and worst variant of Covid-19, continue to increase overseas. Even in Italy the warning continues to grow, with experts warning on the assumption that a health emergency may recur in the summer peak and fall. Although Emilia Romagna and Marche find an infectious condition significantly stable over several weeks, scientists immediately receive a cold shower: Omigron 5 is on the rise. Since Omicron 2 (BA.2 and its descendants) dominate, this variant remains the undisputed protagonist of the current phase of the epidemic, as all the sequences reported to the Gisaid database in the last 30 days belong to its ‘family’. But is declining, while the prevalence of ‘sisters’ 4 and 5 is increasing.According to a recent WHO survey, Omicron5 has been found in 53 countries and has reached 28% prevalence, which may be largely due to the initial rapid increase. Part of the United States. Omigran 4 and 5 differ from other covid types of Omigron 5 in that the symptoms and spread are similar to that of Omigron 5, which enters the cells of the nose and mouth better, but reaches a shallower depth in the body, with the advantage of greater diffusion. Omigron 4 and 5 seem to show traces in external environments, especially on surfaces, even after 48 hours, with previous versions disappearing within a day. Symptoms: sore throat, runny nose, fatigue, but abdominal pain, and much less often, coughing. Symptoms that make us less anxious about being healthy, but it still puts older people at risk. Omigron 4 and 5: Control of the spread of symptoms, infections, and goiter variants The situation in Italy remains the same, despite the release of the film.

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