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OMICRON VARIANT, what changes the procedure for the third dose of the vaccine »

The third dose of the vaccine and the omicron variantfor every deactivation covid variant omicron two doses of vaccine is not enough. However, if the booster is made, the antibodies generated are able to block the virus. Not only this, the Neutralization also occurs in previous patients who have encountered a different type but provided they have had at least one dose of the vaccine. they are these The results of the break-even testsWhich indirectly indicates the ability to protect against disease, according to the newspaper Republic.

In studies conducted by University of Cologne and MGH Ragon Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, scientists evaluated the ability of vaccination-induced antibodies in their different combinations. From this it appeared that Classic two-dose vaccination cycle Marna (Pfizer and Modern) It’s not enough in fighting the virus. this is This does not mean that you are no longer protected but let’s see low efficacy. Also, let’s not forget that antibodies tell part of the immune response. T cells are also involved, and are useful in recognizing and eliminating virus-infected cells. So he said, When the booster is finished, the generated antibodies are able to recognize and neutralize the omicron. An important reference that clearly indicates the need for reinforcement and therefore to third dose.

so for Omicron At the moment there is talk of protection against infection not exceeding 70 percent. There is no doubt what to do The third dose protects us moreBecause as much as a new variant is being talked about, the famous Spike protein can’t be completely changed It always has to bind to the same receptors From our cells, angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 receptors.

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