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Olympics, for American newspapers, US tore China apart, to the rest of the world: Views on how to read the medal table

Trento. America or China? Italy or Germany or the Netherlands? Who is in front of whom Olympic medal table And how Do you count positions? It has always been said from the beginning of the most important event in ItalyMedals are weighed and cannot be counted” Then the first calculation has to be made How much gold has been won We only pass with the same number of wins Count the silver After that I come to acting Bronzes. For this reason, practically the whole world, the Tokyo Olympic mark, for now, China’s victory against the United States: 38 gold medals For the former cons 36 seconds. Nevertheless, the total number of medals is a clear advantage for Americans: from 108 to 87.

The module then generated is as follows Japan, Russia, Great Britain and Australia (Respectively 27, 20, 20 and 17 times) And with the third group Italy, Germany and Holland I think that one 10 gold and 7 for France. This time according to international rankings (and for Italian calculations) (this is 7/8/2021 at 4pm) The Germans and Dutch overtook the Italians Because They have a silver Further (10 vs. Blues11) And Italy despite the overall medals are: 39 against 33 in Holland and 37 in Germany.

But here is where we go In the American press we found that Italy ranks seventh than Germany and Holland, And in the head, there are actually hear-hear United States. From Washington Post Al The New York TimesIn fact, America is the best thank you Their 108 total medals and China is hopeless Second, stop Allocation87.

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In short, is the United States the strongest in the world this time around, or are they “trying” in the United States, as they say in Rome? The quiz you said (quote a Corrado Cusanti Vintage) Probably, they will always be second to medals and gold, even if they do not know exactly what to do.

If we go and look, in fact, the medal table New York Times Dell 2016, That Rio, America wins regardless Gold (46) and winning medals (121) But you can see In second place is Great Britain with 27 gold and 67 total medals Is in third place China with 26 gold and 70 total medals. And so on In Rio they are worth the gold To the Americans (otherwise, China would have surpassed British, Australian Italy and Italy Korea, always based on the number of medals won and not on wins).

I’m going to come back A page linked to London 2012 As always Periods, Interactive, Showing all previous Olympic medals, the counting method here is again the number of medals. In short, in the end, when it comes back, America always wins at home. For The world Or Defender Oh Country The Japanese have excelled in the Olympics in China, Italy and most parts of the world. Whatever happens, France is behind Italy, which is enough for some.