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Older brother Phoebe, Nikita Pelizon is in crisis for her mysterious boyfriend: 'He's very jealous'

Older brother Phoebe, Nikita Pelizon is in crisis for her mysterious boyfriend: ‘He’s very jealous’

Nikita Pelizon, after kissing Danielle Dal Moreau for fun, worries about the reaction her mysterious boyfriend might have, when he sees her in the Big Brother Vip.

Nikita Bellison It is one of the most popular competitors in Seventh Edition of Big Brother Vip. The public stood with her when she saw that Cinecitta’s tenants were behaving inappropriately against her, and so far the situation seems to have improved dramatically. NikitaHowever, he is the victim of a terrible doubt regarding him Mysterious boyfriend.

Big Brother Phip, did the kiss with Daniel upset Nikita?

in home Big Brother VIP It begins with a sense of nostalgia for all the feelings that, apart from Cinecittà and the dynamics of television, you may not understand exactly what is happening on the programme, some friendships but also intimate gestures that can be easily conveyed. for this reason, Nikita Bellison He goes through a moment of crisis after that by Daniele Dal Moro. It was a match, a carefree evening which resulted in Givina doing very well after several weeks spent feeling intimidated and unable to approach the former men’s and women’s tronista, due to the very strong jealousy of Elenoire Ferruzzi. while Al Gf VIP The gesture was forgotten in the blink of an eye, and this kiss was the fruit of a game, Nikita afraid to be mysterious A friend may be jealous and react badly.

“I thought the audience liked me, and that’s fine. I thought, who knows what to think … I don’t know if there are still basics, because he might have met someone else. I thought I played a lot with George, he might be mad But I got angry there, because I feel comfortable with him because he’s like a younger brother. I know he’s smart but he’s also jealous… Would he have the intelligence to understand that the kiss with Daniele Dal Moro was a show? It was obvious, that is, if I wanted to continue on TV It will not exist.”

Nikita fears that kiss with daniel It can lead his lover to turn away from himself, because his engagement on TV doesn’t seem to really excite him, and he’s afraid that the man will meet another woman and leave her. Alfonso Signorini You will succeed in submitting it In the episode Nikita’s friend for comparison?

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