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Official thanks to Apple’s error

Apple made a huge mistake! While the company has taken high-level security measures to limit information leakage from factories, it took a wrong step this year. reveal iPhone 14 Pro.

As you know, WWDC 2022 goes far beyond the inaugural event because until June 10th video lessons are being held in which Apple engineers explain to developers how to adopt the new frameworks and how to build applications with the latest technologies added in iOS 16.

Well, totally on the inside In one of these videos, It’s officially released by Apple and we’re talking about AR, 9:15 o’clock The iPhone icon shows that it doesn’t exist yet but we’ve already seen it for months in the various rumors.

This is the iPhone 14 Pro, an iPhone without a notch but with a hole for the camera and a “bead” for the Face ID sensors.

Apple used to use icons that reflect real products, and now we can officially say that we know the design of the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro.

iphone 14 pro the official hero

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