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Official announcement coming? Important guides from Virtuos –


It seems that the rumors about a Metal Gear Solid 3 New Edition known as Studio Virtus It may be justified. The studio released a mysterious teaser, now removed from YouTube but available online, that hides a message that appears to suggest an official announcement during Game Awards 2022.

The clip in question was reposted on Twitter by a Zonex fan. As we can see it shows a forest, very similar to the Tselinoyarsk Forest from Metal Gear Solid 3. After that the screen turns black and a message plays in Morse code.

Decode the message and the result is “1964 Dec 8, 2022And here comes the fun. 1964 is the year Operation Snake Eater for Metal Gear Solid 3 takes place, while December 8 is the day the 2022 Game Awards will take place. Obviously, the most plausible theory during the event will be that it will be announced that it will be hosted by Geoff Keighley Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake.

For now, take everything with caution, as nothing is official yet. However, this isn’t the first time that Virtuos, a nearly unknown studio in Singapore that has worked on some of the XCOM 2 and BioShock outlets, has been linked with a possible new release of Metal Gear Solid 3.

In October of last year, a VGC report stated that the studio was working on a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake commissioned by Konami, which also plans to release remastered versions of the original Metal Gear Solids prior to its release. Subsequently, the information was also confirmed by and the well-known Gematsu portal, which usually does not upset the balance with rumors and similar reckless acts, but when it does, it is usually because it is real information.

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We also add that Konami is one of the partners that Virtuos has been collaborating with or has collaborated with in the past, as confirmed by Study official website.

On the other hand, Konami with the remake of Silent Hill 2 and other projects related to the franchise has clearly expressed its intention to collaborate and entrust its IPs to overseas studios. Perhaps in addition to the revival of Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid is also planned, starting with one of the seasons most loved by fans. we will see.


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