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We've only seen 13% of the map, according to fans -

Number of main plot completion hours revealed by FromSoftware –

How long has Elden Ring been in business? FromSoftware answered this question during the Taipei Game Show 2022. A team member revealed that, according to estimates, the The number of hours There is a need to finish almost the only main story of the game 30. The duration increases significantly if you decide to explore the secondary areas.

Specifically, it is the product that speaks Yasuhiro Kitao. During an interview, Kitao explained that the 30 hours of gameplay required to finish the Elden Ring story would become a lot more if you also explored secondary areas and the open world. Moreover, she assures that because it is a challenging game, the actual number of hours will increase as you will happen to get stuck in front of some bosses for some time. It will take “several tens of hours” more to see the end, Kitao says.

Dragon from Elden Ring

Players who have tried network test Elden Ring can confirm that it takes a few minutes to get to the obligatory part of the plot, once you get into the open world, but to explore the entire region in the beta version it takes hours and hours. Soul-like push players to search every nook and cranny for secrets and useful items, so we’re sure most fans will see the credits within 30+ hours.

Kitao also emphasized that science lovers FromSoftware typical games will have a lot to discover inside the Elden Ring, as in this new adventure there are many more elements than in the Dark Souls series.

Finally, we remind you that a video is available that collects all the gameplay trailers shown in Taipei Game Show 2022.

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