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Nuclear fission reactor on the moon

Nuclear fission reactor on the moon

the program Artemis Man is expected to return to the moon and build permanent rules. It is therefore necessary to find constant energy sources that do not depend on environmental conditions (for example, sunlight). there NASA She chose three projects to build a small nuclear fission reactor.

Nuclear power on the moon

For long-term missions, only electricity generated by batteries can be used, as in rover or helicopters. A reliable, efficient and safe source is needed to operate a lunar base or to produce water. NASA and the US Department of Energy have asked companies to submit a concept for a nuclear fission reactor for use on the Moon.

The space agency chose projects Lockheed Martin and Westinghouse and ninth (a joint venture between Intuitive Machines and X-Energy), each of which will receive a $5 million grant. The contract provides for the development of a 40 kW nuclear fission reactor which should operate for at least 10 years.

The system is lightweight and can provide continuous power regardless of location, sunlight, and other environmental conditions. NASA’s goal is to make one Demonstration on the Moon by 2030 With a future mission Artemis. The same system can be put up Mars.

The results will also be used to develop a file nuclear propulsion which can be used for deep space exploration (i warp drives It will not be built before 2063).

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