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Now you can do it discreetly

At least once in our life, we all found ourselves having to give up a WhatsApp group. But now it is possible to do it in a discreet and not blatant way: here is the news for all users.

If you use a messaging service, you may have already been invited to join at least one group chat. Some of them are important, while others are not only unnecessary, but often annoying. The problem is that if you leave these groups, all other members will be notified. This is no longer the case.

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One of the most frustrating aspects for regular users The WhatsApp It is to notify all users of a group when you decide to leave a group. So yes, if you are planning to leave any group in the app, all attendees will receive a small message informing you of your departure, which can be embarrassing at times. The “problem” is also found in other instant messaging applications.

However, that may change soon. According to the gate webinfoInsiders are working on one New feature This will allow users to discreetly exit unwanted groups. This is a real revolution that will lead to a turning point for the user. Let’s see in detail what it consists of and what awaits us in the future.

WhatsApp, new feature: leave the group discreetly

Over the years, WhatsApp got us accustomed to many updates, such as the one we did Warn he’s dealing with potential fake news. Small improvements to bring the user to a better experience with the app. Also this time we are facing good news.

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to me webinfoThe Job Currently in development stage It will be available to users in a future app update. With the new function, when a user leaves a group, Only group admins will be notified to exit. Other users, however, will not be notified.

Job is currently selected in Trial version of WhatsApp Desktopbut it is very likely that it will also reach the beta version of WhatsApp for Android And iOS Immediately after that. As with most features being tested, this should also reach all devices the service was downloaded to when the update rolls out, which will likely be around in a couple of months.

This is great news, especially for those who always wrestle Lots of WhatsApp groups And they don’t know how embarrassed they are every time they have to go outside. A situation that haunts us all quite a bit, to the point where we are often pushed to silence a group to avoid being overwhelmed by the various notifications that tire us out.