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Now the ‘Genoa Low’ is back, with the effects coming in half of Italy in the coming hours. Evolution

Meteo Chronicle Direct: Now the ‘Genoa Low’ returns, with its effects in half Italy in the coming hours. Evolution

Expected time for the next few hoursOne of the most common bad weather configurations for Italy is coming back. We’re talking nonsense. “Genoa Low“, It’s part of the low pressure, we are watching its evolution during these hours and it is forming in the Ligurian Sea. Gulf of Genoa.

To better understand this kind of phenomenon, we need to focus on the northern European sector that created a kind of “slide” that allows Arctic currents to invest first in the British Isles and then in France. This cool stream, with its late winter characteristics, ends its run on the Mediterranean bed, diving directly from the Porta del Ron.
A portion of the intense flow exiting the Rhne will be pushed eastward, colliding with the mountains of northwestern Corsica, then turning northeast, extending along the east coast of Ligurian. Wind Libeccio and Ostro and finally reaches Gulf of GenoaAlong with Scirocco and Levante (SE-E) currents.

At the end of this cycle, formation a Minimal depression (Cyclonic Vortex) orographic, right Gulf of GenoaIs called in the text “Genoa is low“Or”Depression in the Gulf of Genoa“.
Consequences? Umbrellas out! In many regions, the weekend can sometimes pass under the banner of very capricious weather. The Rain Although in a very irregular form, they wet most of our country from north to south, even though the most widespread and serious phenomena are found in the north and all Tyrrhenian regions above all else. .

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More focus Snow The presence of gradual cooling winds, especially at high altitudes, favors its appearance even at low altitudes, especially in the evening alpine reliefs and whitening of certain parts of the opium field. In the evening The Snow It may even fall Up the low mountain in the northwestern reliefs.

Check back later Wind Utilizing the existence of a hurricane vortex will activate the peaks beyond Libecio’s violent winds At 60 km / h Especially on Tyrrhenian beaches. Instead, winds will blow over the west coast of Mistral Sardinia 90 km / h. As the hours go by, the currents from the northwest will expand to all parts of central and southern Sicily, leading to a general drop in temperature. The seas, however, play strong, resulting in very turbulent and inland waves. 3-4 meters.

In short, after a very long hibernation, the atmosphere seems to wake up and that often happens in early spring. Weather forecast Takes strong energy properties characterized by quiet moments alternating with sudden returns from bad weather: what we expect The next hour An umbrella and a raincoat are essential Half of Italy.