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Now change everything! Dreams, hopes and fears of winter (with snow) »

Weather: Now everything is changing! Dreams, hopes and fears of winter (with snow) coming

Change everything this time we Hanging for months in surreal warmth, but often beaten and surprised by the unusually heavy rain, we live this last part of autumn waiting for a change in the inevitable winter that, as always and like every time, will divide us among those who love Noun It is not.

Until a few days ago, nothing on the horizon would extinguish any imagination, but today computing centers, which are now the true architects of weather forecasts at any time, shine a light in the dark, changing views: Now everything changes!

The bubble in which we have been dragging ourselves lazy for months, since that summer is too long for many, but perhaps too short for others, is in any case destined to evaporate, leaving us only the usual memories of a passing season, which is for a holiday or just a weekend, One night, one star.

But the lights are on too Hopes are intertwined with dreams of the coming winterBetween the desire for snow, skiing, or solitude, afraid From a raw and dark season.

Ordunque, already from Saturday 27 – Sunday 28 – Monday 29 cold winds will descend from Bora and Mistral from the north connecting with Real marine arctic pulse, will enter the Mediterranean basin after conquering all of Europe and will release a cyclonic whirlpool from a winter-like mold, which, at low temperatures, will bring nothing but rain and purity Snowfall At a very low altitude as has already happened other times this time of year.

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And who knows what will see our city or our village again White Do not let us again, at least for a moment, go back to being children, in that bubble, so sweet and natural, where everything was beautiful, easy, carefree, unaware of the world and life, but in general, since then, that temper nature He’s always there, looking at us.

And if the snow does not accept our roofs, surely the frost that will follow the following days will tell us, yes, that we must still wait for summer, though in our hearts it is always summer.