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"Novak Djokovic wants to win 30 major trophies and play for another five years" - OA Sport

“Novak Djokovic wants to win 30 major trophies and play for another five years” – OA Sport

There is no shortage of ambitions. Novak Djokovic Waiting to know what to do with it 2022 programming. The victory at Wimbledon allowed the Serbian champion to touch odds 21 peace And the transition to -1 of Spanish in the special order Rafael Nadal.

Noll’s problem is that, as now, he’s not going to the United States. The rules regarding the Covid vaccine speak for themselves, and given that Djokovic is willing to pursue his own options in this regard, The Balkan player will not be able to compete in the US Open, the last major tournament of the season.

A situation that Novak and his staff hope to unlock in their favour, or else in the Key to Peace everything will be decided by 2023 as Australian Open case However, the openers should be explored by the tournament organizers in Kangaroo Land.

Despite all these complications, Serbian projects are very ambitious And he is artistic Goran Ivanisevic To say it clearly. In the last public speeches given by the Croatian coach (source: point separator), the objectives of Nol are as follows: “I’ve talked about him a few times and the goal is to play another five years and get to 30 peace. It’s something he’s always had in mind. If there were no injuries, I believe he would be able to reach that goal“.

At this point, all that’s left is to enjoy the show.

Photo: La Presse