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Not everyone knows the processes needed to get the July salary

Not everyone knows the processes needed to get the July salary

Employees and retirees will be able to get the 730 compensation in July. How?

The cold 730 Directly in the payment voucher. To obtain it, however, it is necessary that you have collected a file tax declaration correctly and within the times specified by the legislation.

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there tax declaration It is the document by which the taxpayer informs the tax authorities of the income received in the reference year, on the basis of which taxes are calculated. Through this form, you can obtain Reimbursement of a percentage of the expenses incurred. This payment will be available from next July Only for those who submitted the ad by May and early June.

Anyway, the deadline for completing 730 is September 30, 2022. As for reimbursement, it is made on the basis of the time when the declaration was sent; For this reason, it pays to know the basic rules for delivering the 730 the right way.

730 Recovery: Dates to Remember

A tax return is mandatory by law, but it is also a valid tool for calculating an amount repayment For some types of expenses incurred by the taxpayer.

From May 23on the revenue agency website can be consulted unique modelFrom May 31 It may be accepted without modifications and submitted or modified and submitted. by September 30, 2022Finally, it is possible to submit it to the Revenue Agency.

The established rule follows the chronological order of transmission; Therefore, those who did it in time will get reimbursed as early as July, while those who are late will have to wait until October/November. In any case, credit must be done By December 31, 2022.

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Model 730: what is it?

The 730 and the tax return formWhich must be completed by employees and retirees. with the Model 730 normalthe taxpayer has the right to pay directly on the salary slip (from July for employees) or on the pension slip (from August or September).

Moreover, for several years now it is possible to consult the CD. Pre-compiled format 730. In short, it is a pre-filled tax return, which only requires confirmation from the interested party. They can be consulted on the website of the Revenue Agency, through which any corrections can also be made.

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Pre-filled declaration: Dispatch guide

How is the pre-filled permit sent? The taxpayer can consult with him directly through revenue agency website. You have to login to your private area, and proceed with identification by:

  • National Service Card (CNS) or SPID ID;
  • Electronic Identity Card (CIE);
  • Agency-issued credentials (Entratel/Fiscoline);
  • Issued by INPS credentials.

The taxpayer must read and print the document, accept it in its original copy or amend and merge it. must also Pay any amounts owedAcross F24 prefilled formindicating the coordinates of the bank or postal current account of the possible debit or credit of the refund amount 730.

To receive any communications, it is necessary to indicate a valid E-mail address. If you are unable to perform these operations on your own, you can contact CAF and Licensed Professionals.

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Finally, within 5 days of sending the required documents, the computer system provides for submission, in the appropriate department “receipts“From his reserved area of ​​the revenue agency’s online portal, one of specific file. Marked by Remote Protocol No. The order contains a list any errorsWith careful analysis. In this case, a new document must be submitted indicating all the correct data.