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Noemi Bocchi's ex-husband's reaction after Totti and Ilary Blasi's breakup

Noemi Bocchi’s ex-husband’s reaction after Totti and Ilary Blasi’s breakup

Mario Caucci, ex-husband of Noemi Bocchi, the supposed new flame of Francesco Totti, is joined by Fanpage.

Mario KauchiEntrepreneur and Director of Tivoli Football, is the current Noemi Bokchi’s husbandAlleged new torch Francesco Totti. The couple married in 2011 and the divorce has not been formalized even though the entrepreneur is bokshi They are in the process of separating.

Noemi Bocchi’s ex-husband’s reaction after Totti and Ilary Blasi’s breakup

KauchiHe, perhaps in spite of himself, is inevitably in the media vortex for the past few days that has been gossip about The split between the former Giallorossi captain and Hilary Blasey And the new love for Francis, The 34-year-old Roman, Noemi BocchiWife of a limestone quarry scion and mother of his two children.

Check since then fan pageAnd the Mario Kauchi My jeweler was: “I don’t have anything to say”I have announced.

In this regard, however, there is an article from last February a printing. On that occasion, gossip about his wife andex-football playerThe owner of the project said:

Totti has everything I understand, and I know well beyond my wife’s picture… I believe that of all this story, if true, there is only one who can benefit from it through the media, while the Captain understands”


“It was not a surprise, in the sense that I was not at all surprised by my wife’s behavior. Her casual behavior does not surprise me… If it were true, she should have paid more attention. Also and above all to our children as well as to the spouses. Let’s talk about five children they can bear. Consequences. Francesco Totti? I can only say that he is my savior. And that I know very well what lies behind the simple aesthetic side of a person, and for him, if this connection really is, all I understand will go, no one better than me will be able to understand it”

At the time, it seems clear that the husband’s words towards his wife Noemi were certainly not particularly understandable and supportive.

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