Thursday, July 25, 2024

No Reform in Korea: The Pope’s Revolt Vanishes from the Radar


2021 will end, most likely, without a revolution Pope Francesco. It was already taken for granted. The promulgation of the new Apostolic Constitution, which is the legal instrument of change, and the consequent disturbance of the therapeutic logic, should not come even in this solar year. Unless there’s an exciting turn: one could talk about a blast at the end of the year.

That being the case, perhaps anyone in the Vatican could breathe a sigh of relief. Between the background and the premise of circulating drafts, the sunflower test of the pontificate of the “man who came from the end of the world” is severely put to the test. As if something was stopping us from moving forward. We can imagine how the pandemic played a crucial role in the delay. But that’s also true, especially in the latter Two years, the impression was one: that everything was about to be explained in public.

It was said that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith would be reduced in size and further. One of the suggestions is also to expand the colleges in the hands of the State Secretariat. All this – obviously, according to the vision and approach of the Jesuit bishop of Rome – has stopped absolute transparency And regarding the reversal of some considered intangible balances. Nothing to do: We’ll talk about it in a few months (maybe). Although some are beginning to suspect that the repair may end up in the drawer once and for all.

The ventilated “super lighthouse” remained a possibility, so to speak. Let’s understand: much has been done, although the epidemic situation is slowing down its development. As noted before the paperHowever, what is lacking is not a heresy among many: it is the promised structural change and perhaps the cause of many basicsAfter the resignation of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, they firmly chose to appoint the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires. Moreover, it was and remains a question of adjusting the specific weight of the sacred palaces, with the redistribution of powers capable of determining the distance between the Catholic Church in the past and the Church in the future.

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The aforementioned source also referred to the recent occasion that Jorge Mario Bergoglio He said on the subject: “It will not offer anything new compared to what we have seen so far – The Argentine Pope said of the reform – . Perhaps some details, some changes regarding the joining of sections, two or three more sections, but everything has already been announced: for example, education will join culture. Propaganda intent will join the new lands of evangelization. But everything has already been announced…”. For quite a few commentators, the Pope’s words appeared as a downsizing of the revolution. From here we imagine a hole in the water or almost passing through.

There is a wall in the Holy See Who prevents Bergoglio from moving forward? One of the readings says something like this. It would be the same wall that was built to prevent former Pope Joseph Ratzinger from making a revolution. And maybe, if you think about it, there won’t be many items to be surprised.


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