Saturday, July 20, 2024

“No problem, I’ll take 5 minutes to leave.”


Hot clashes between Vittorio Feltri H David Borek a air that pullsThe vote in Great Britain is clearly at the heart of the debate, which in fact confirmed the victory of the Labour Party led by Stammer, as well as the exit of Sunak, the Conservative leader and outgoing prime minister. Barenzo Veltri asks a clear question: “Could Sunak’s defeat cause some problems for Giorgia Meloni? After all, she has lost an ally.”

Vittorio Veltri takes the floor, sitting on a connected chair: “Well, this is the vote. Great Britain Let’s talk about it, it may interest us, but at the end of the day, nobody cares, not even Meloni. “There is laughter in the studio. But at this point, Parenzo intervenes and interrupts Veltri: “We are still talking about the leader of the British Conservatives.” Veltri does not take it well: “So what?”

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“We’re talking about Great Britain,” Barenzo replies.England“It’s important.” “So what?” Veltri replies again. “Well, we’re talking about England, not San Marino, I know that too.” But at this point, the tone becomes more heated: “I’ll tell you what I think, but if you’re not interested… if you interrupt me it will take me five minutes to leave. No problem. As for Meloni, I don’t think she cares and I think she’ll continue on her way. In fact, I think this speech we’re giving to Italians doesn’t care.”

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