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No more words, out of name – in tempo


Pietro de Leo

The greatest risk to the center-right is what is known as “photocopy syndrome”. In other words, considering the municipalities in Rome, getting the same error again in 2016 (again for Cambodoglio) and in 2018 (for the presidency of the Lazio region). Even then the mixer was spinning at full speed, the candidates ended up in it, some of them were just consulting, others were completely competitive, its possibilities evaporating with misguided temperatures and abducted vidos. The result? A vote for the municipality has now been missed (the coalition had to split) and a return to the region has not been successful in that regard (even there, the area was divided). It is good to memorize all of this today to understand how complicated and urgent it is to alleviate the problem at the desks of Salvini, Meloni, Tajani and Totti (who will be found today).

Once the Bertollaso hypothesis is complete, the scene on the table at this point can be divided into two volumes. Citizens on the one hand and politicians on the other, both very populous. On the first page, the name in the front row seems to be Enrico Mickey. He is a lawyer and radio commentator and is currently supported by his brothers in Italy. The skepticism of other coalition members goes beyond a strong social backlash, considering that this figure is not really well known. In the civilian field there are names of the army, Generals Claudio Griziano (provided with the support of the Italian brethren) and Giovanni Nistri (in the Leca manual). The first one directly denied the interest, while the second did not confirm the league, but on the other hand stopped it from falling into the hands of the Italian Brothers team leader Francesco Lollo Pricida. On the political side, each party has its own. As for Forza Italia, the name of city coordinator Maricio Caspari has been circulating for weeks, and even Blue Vice President Antonio Tajani has publicly expressed his support for the hypothesis. But the hypothesis of Renata Bolverini, who left it in favor of Conte and returned to Forza Italia, is not entirely strange when the latter tried to keep his government living with crossroads gates. Among those mainly explored by Silvio Berlusconi seems to be the name of the former president of the Lazio region.

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On behalf of the Italian brethren, the name of Regional Councilor Sierra Colosimo is on the field, if it seems difficult to accept Guido Crossetto. On the Lega side, on the other hand, if the name on the table is now over, i.e. Giulia Pongiorno (she defined her hypothesis as “pure fantasy”), it may be out of the game (even for now) the person involved is not known at both inclinations) MEP and economist Antonio Maria Ronaldi with excellent television visibility . In short, many names are decisions that need to be made quickly. Because it is in danger of creating a paradoxical situation. In fact, there will be two events in the region next weekend. Maricio Caspari announced that gazebos would be established in all municipalities to explain the content of the projects. There will also be a league gazebo for members. So, the engines are started, but no one is sitting behind the wheel.

Meanwhile, the car has already begun to turn in other political fields. The deadline for submitting nominations for center-left primaries has expired. Today Carlo Calenda will begin his own effort to mobilize widely to learn his plan, through ups and downs. Candidate B.T. was in Lucia Angiatta’s half-hour studio yesterday. There was a long distance fight with Qualteri. “I said I would vote for Qualdier in the second round, but when I asked the Democrats if they would support me if I went to the polls with Rakhi, they did not respond to me,” the former development minister attacked. The outgoing mayor, meanwhile, is preparing to launch his election committee. Among the names to be a part of it are Roberto Monaldi, the chairman of the Third Municipality, in addition to the husband of the first citizen Andrea Severini, and Andrea Pease, a former employee of Daniel Francia in addition to the municipality. In short, all the dynamics that lead to center-right compulsion: out of name and in a hurry.

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