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No more radio waves, here's the laser, over 100 times more effective and faster

No more radio waves, here’s the laser, over 100 times more effective and faster

NASA: Experiments of a new, complex and efficient method of communication are underway. One that is based on a laser.

NASA: Just where the radio is

Old sound wave radio. The NASA Experiencing what it can represent, from now until the next few years, The new form of communication between Earth and its tools is being sent into deep space. As technology advances it becomes more difficult and complex Share data sent by spatial objects. To do this faster and more efficiently, one might consider using a laser.

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NASA: New communications technology tested up to 100 times more efficiently

NASA: Just where the radio is
FM Radio Photo by Pexels

The current communication system, although it is being improved every year, is still dependent on outdated radio waves. although NASA Traveling at very high frequencies, it becomes increasingly difficult to “compress” the vast amount of information and data that is shared on the ground. What they aim to do with a laser is to allow you to send and receive an amount of data Much wider, Without having to compress it with the risk of limiting interplanetary information.

With the new technology, it will be possible to receive videos using 4K resolutionOr, scientific analysis I was born in the months and months of harvest. So a much higher specific weight, which would allow for greater and better information flow. The benefits are enormous: we’re talking about a quantity 10 to 100 times higher Compared to the current limits imposed by radio waves. NASA does not want to leave doubts about the quality of the solution:It would take about nine weeks to send a complete map of Mars back to Earth using existing radio frequency systems. With the laser, this will take about nine days“.

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We will have to wait until the end of the summer of 2021 to see the first demonstration of what laser communication can do. Show the relay of the laser contacts, The name of the task, which will have its own focus On new technology It aims to improve the quantity and quality of data sent from space to Earth and vice versa.

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LCRD will demonstrate all the benefits of using laser systems and allow us to learn how to best use them operationally. As this ability is further demonstrated, we can begin implementing laser communications across multiple tasks, making it a standardized method for sending and receiving data.“. talking David Israel From NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.