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No more queues at the post office | Digital hack with a simple message


since advent Coronavirus disease pandemic that hit the world in 2020, many steps forward have been taken with the aim of improving the use of technology. new technologies It has been done and other existing items have been improved, in order to make it state of the art for the difficult times we had to live through.

In this Social media They helped much more than expected, as they were able to create bonding between individuals, at a time when physical interaction was impossible. During that period, he found a lot in video calls A convenient way to keep distant friends and relatives close.

And not only that: to reduce the movement of people on the streets and crowding in enclosed spaces, measures have been introduced such as, for example, Distance learning (DaD) for students in nearly all teaching degrees, so they can continue studying from home; the smart work For workers, useful for performing various work tasks directly from home (for jobs that allowed it).

However, none of this would have been possible, if many years ago someone had not started an avant-garde communication path such as for example The WhatsApp.

WhatsApp and news


Instant messaging applications were born with the name direct opponents SMS and MMS are now outdated. In fact, these applications were born with the aim of allowing users to exchange Texting in a simple, fast and cheap way, Reaching in a very short time to become popular among young and less young people.

Among the many applications in this field, it always remains one of the most used and appreciated The WhatsApp. The application, which was created in 2009, has become part of the business group destination noin 2014.

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In addition to allowing the rapid exchange of information via text messages in recent years WhatsApp pushed hard to implement new features Which made it compete in new fields. Among the functions that have expanded the field of use of WhatsApp the most is certainly one Voice calls and video calls which can include up to 32 participants.

Surely one of the most interesting functions is related to sending photos and videos. Recently, thanks to one of the latest updates, You can send photos in high qualityWithout WhatsApp compressing the image, here we explain how to do it.

And what does Poste Italiane have to do with it?

Row in front of Poste Italiane
No more rows

Talk about it Mail For many, it is not something that leads to positive effects. Definitely, Poste Italiane is an organization that provides postal, financial and insurance services But many tend to remember it more in very long queues, Too long wait that turns every visit to the post office into endless agony.

To solve this kind of problem, Poste Italiane has implemented various applications Which allows some operations to be carried out with the help of a simple mobile phone directly from the sofa at home.

one of these apps, “Post office“, Allow Remote booking of the shift on the counter. The functionality was greatly appreciated, especially by young people who finally saw a step forward in the use of technology such as A real optimization tool from everyday life. However, the Post Office is used by many individuals from many age groups, and they may not be very accustomed to using smartphones and downloading third-party apps.

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To get around this problem, Poste Italiane created a solution that makes everything faster and easier for everyone.

Actually it will be possible Book your visit to the counter directly from WhatsApp. The procedure for booking tickets is not complicated, on the contrary, it is convenient for everyone.

  • That will be enough Open WhatsApp
  • If not installedYou can do this from the PlayStore (if you have an Android phone) or the AppStore (if you have an Apple phone)
  • Start a conversation with the number 3715003715
  • You may like this Interact with a digital assistant Who will take charge of your request and give you some dialogue options
  • At this point, click on the option that allows you to do so Book your ticket
  • Select the post office Where you want to do your business, by manually typing the address or using the geolocation, sharing your location (the nearest office is recommended)

Also through WhatsApp it is possible to search for a post office, monitor shipments and receive information on pensions.


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