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Ninja Theory will use AI-based software for dubbing -

Ninja Theory will use AI-based software for dubbing –

According to a new report by Good Luck Have Fun, many triple-development studios are using software based onArtificial intelligence to dubbing From their characters, including Ninja Theory with highly anticipation Senua saga: Hellblade 2.

The program in question is called Artificial intelligence has been modified It contains an extensive library of voiceovers, including nearly two dozen professional actors. It is natural that the actors, understood as a class, are not happy with the situation, because they are afraid of losing the value of their work. Note that Neon Giant has already used Altered AI in the latest version of The Ascent.

The report did not mention other development studies, but it was sufficient to mention the name of the ninja theory to draw attention. According to what was said, Xbox studio and Altered, the company that develops Altered AI, signed a cooperation agreement, the terms of which are currently unknown.

According to Ioannis Agiomyrgiannakis, CEO of Altered, at the moment, his software is mainly used to make models. Whatever the case, according to him, Altered AI for voiceovers will be what YouTube is for videos.

Agiomyrgiannakis: “When you have dialogue you visualize it a certain way. But when you give the dialogue to the voice actors, often the result is not as dynamic as you would like. We provide an intermediate step where you can prototype the dialogue and get a reference. Before going to the studio.”

So for now, Altered AI won’t be able to completely replace voice actors.

However, the latter did not take the novelty well. Someone tried to point out that this is a great opportunity for independent studios, who usually can’t afford to dub their games, but Ashley Burch, who heard of the Horizon series, and Yuri Lowenthal of Marvel’s Spider-Man. He replied that there are specific contracts designed for independent developers, so that they can access professional voice actors without losing sight.

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The main fear of actors is that these programs will be used to exploit their work, Lowenthal noted: “I know an actress who has done many shots of her performance and her voice and found her specific moves in a game that he hasn’t worked on before. This is a dangerous precedent that has already occurred and I want to start a dialogue with the companies that work on it. in the field of artificial intelligence to talk about how to protect actors and the ecosystem of storytellers.”