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Nine don’t leave? Rai’s most popular comedian was caught in their studios


Nove never stops enriching its employees, did Amadeus target a comedian and actor beloved by Ray after Amadeus? The latter was at the De Paolis recording studios.

The upcoming TV season will bring a lot to the small screen. at all about Amadeusthe host after years of working in it opinion I decided to move to New oneThis change gave birth to new changes. Organizations And to the changes that aroused the curiosity of viewers.

nine in flood period transformationThere are many hypotheses and theories available. It is clear that one of the most beloved and followed comedians on television was present in the studios. De PaulisThe latter is not owned. Discovery But this is where many of the shows belonging to the Nine are filmed.

Novi still fishing from the water? This time it’s the comedian

But who are we talking about? The comedian in question is Enrico BrignanoThe actor is loved by millions of fans and in all these years he has allowed the public to get to know him in many aspects. From roles in funny comedy films to TV shows, they are perfect for spending a few happy hours with your family. Enrico has offered his audience a very entertaining program, I want you for just one hour On air Ray 2 With the nice cooperation of his wife Flora Canto. He was already at De Paulis Studios, what was he recording? However, it must be emphasized that the programmes being broadcast are not filmed only within these studios. New one But also programs for Opinion or not 7. This raises a big question mark, was Enrico there for any reason? Novi certainly doesn’t give up on this period. The desire for redemption and success it’s too long After recent purchases, the desire to grow He leaves no rest for him.

Enrico Brignano at the De Paolis Studios. What happens to the Rai comedian?

Brignano will be one of the prominent figures. Sherbet on the cakeA versatile professional, capable of transferring funny monologues to thoughtful dialogues to the small screen. Flora Cantù is currently confirmed on Rai, and we will see her from September Your facts. What will be the comedian’s decision? Many expectations and many questions await the next TV season. Self Maria De Filippi As always, it represents one of the pillars of Mediaset, in Ray the changes are noticeable. Stefano Di Martino will host Avari Tui, Carlo Conti He is the new technical director of Sanremo Festival. But will Enrico Brignano stay at Rai or is he ready too? Moving to nine? We can’t do anything but wait for what’s next. DevelopmentsCertainly, disruption and change are often a necessary stimulus for TV hosts and personalities to learn. New things.

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