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Weather trend, under African heat next week – Recent modeling analyzes outline a strong possibility that most of the next week will be characterized by the presence of an African anticyclone (which will strengthen after Sunday’s setback) over Italy. So summer is especially roaring in the Mid-South, and the weather is mostly sunny, sometimes with heavy clouds passing in again and temporarily darkening the sky. In this situation though Heat continues to intensify for at least 4-5 days: Especially since July 10th it will not be excluded again 38-40°C peak 36-38 °C in the central interior, in the southern, inland areas of Sicily and Sardinia. Extreme heat is not exceptional in the north, although extremes there usually do not exceed 32–34°C (except for higher peaks in Emilia Romagna). However, heat can be felt here.

Hot even at night – Long days, with accumulation of heat, favor a sharp rise in night temperatures, with intense heat even in the early evening (especially in urban areas) and Minimums do not fall below 23-24°C in cities and generally in coastal areas (so-called ‘tropical’ nights). If the climate becomes severe in the interior regions of the Mid-South (high but dry peaks), by contrast, severe physical discomfort will be felt again along the coasts and in the Po Valley. Bitterness is usually physiologically pronounced in the evening when humidity increases with rare exceptions.

A few thunderstorms in the northern night – The sun is often dominant in the north, but it must again share the scene with some storms, even of strong intensity; It is periodically ‘pinched’ by the unstable Atlantic currents crossing central Europe, particularly in the Alps, Prealps and Upper Piedmont. We may have to assess a more extensive deterioration over the weekend of July 13-14, but the temporal distance allows us to assess that as only a hypothesis today. Important updates will follow in this regard.

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