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Previsioni meteo per la prossima settimana

Next week, the severe weather worsens from Monday and we look at all the areas involved »

Meteo: Next week, we see severe weather deterioration from Monday across all areas concerned

Weather forecast for next weekFurther confirmations are expected with a strong deterioration of time Next week, from Monday, October 10 When a Dangerous Vortex (Mediterranean Cyclone) With consequences that will be important in many of our regions.

In short, after the unseasonably warm weather we’re currently experiencing and it’ll be with us all week, fall is ready to roar back, with plenty of rain and below-average temperatures.

From the eyes, especially Monday, October 10 When a Powerful depression Pushing by air masses of polar-oceanic origin can cause drastic changes in weather conditions. Be careful, because the cold currents from the Roan door can be a feeder Mediterranean hurricanes Even in the form of storms and strong winds, it can trigger heavy rainfall.
The spin really comes on Stuck From the high pressure both in the east and north directions, for this reason is stable and always active in the same areas.
It will be The leitmotiv All next week: So we must divide a country in two After all, it rains regularly in Sicily And on Sardinia And that they will reach Then center south When we are in the north we will be more Atmospheric stability. The greatest danger of this type of structure is potential Persistence of storm events Many hours/days can always be stressed in the same region and cause some flash flood.

In addition to bad weather, we expect A sharp decline temperature It will be lower than the reference climate average, especially in the Mid-North.

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Possible formation of a Mediterranean cyclonePossible formation of a Mediterranean cyclone