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Prossima settimana: arriva la Novembrata

Next week, Navambarata is confirmed! Effects of Italy, forecasts »

Weather: Next week, Navambarata confirmed! Effects of Italy, predictions

Next week: Navamparata arrivesNext week everything will change again before the weather, almost. Indeed, visit Novembrata affects many areas‘Italy.

If we look at the European chessboard, the large atmospheric figures that affect the weather in our country are moving, and it is already clearly manifested. From Monday 7 November A wide field High pressure It will (again!) take over the Mediterranean basin.

This time it will be a hybrid anticyclone, with Azorean and African contributions, which will return in the center of autumn, with temperatures favorable for a decisive atmospheric stability (after a gap of a few days) again above average. Similar to what happened in the last few weeks.
In general terms, when a high pressure phase dominates for several days, there is almost total absence of rain and in October the weather is much later in summer than in autumn. Autobrada (We’ve had an exceptional three this year!) Obviously we’ll have to talk in November November.
We coined the term precisely to underline what was a new, paradoxical climate phase. Normally November is a month with big rains in our country, instead, we deal with more than average days of sun and temperature values, especially in the central hours of the days.

We do not exclude that the maximum peaks experienced in recent weeks (around 27/28 °C values) may not be touched, but at least peaks may be reached. 22/23 ° CEspecially in the Mid-South and the two main islands.
Talking about The odds are about 5/6°C higher than expected during this period.

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A single note is possible to report unstable path Expected between Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th, this may bring some rain (to be confirmed in future updates) in the north. But this is not possible, especially in the central south and the main islands of Novembrata can not stop!

Already on Monday 7 November a decisive strengthening of high pressureAlready on Monday 7 November a decisive strengthening of high pressure