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Next week, months later the actual rain will return. There is a date and it will be important

Weather: Real rain will return next week, months later. There is a date and it will be important

Weather forecast for next weekWith the latest weather update Forecast for next week Slightly changed: Months later, in fact, the actual rain returns to much of Italy. So, after a long dry phase, we go to a very volatile and eventful period and now there is a date.

Many ask us: But where did the rain go?“. Well, a huge figure of the high pressure that has been dominating Italy in recent months has, in fact, protected us from all obstacles and icy impulses. Climate and Statistical Perspective, Part II of March This was often full of surprises due to the imposed meridian exchanges (From the North Pole to the Mediterranean) capable of destabilizing the atmosphere.

And that’s exactly what happens Next days When an important turning point is expected, There is also an exact date!

After a Start of the week Still under the banner Good weather, our attention has been focused since that day Wednesday, March 30th It will allow when a kind of “slide” is created in the Northern European field Arctic currents To invest first in the British Isles and then in France. This provides you with a cool stream Properties Of late Winter It will probably finish its run by diving directly from the Mediterranean. Ron’s mouth. Thus, cold air “hooks” a depression that already exists in the Mediterranean, and creates lymph. The deep hurricane is moving fast towards our country. In the second half of the week, we can expect showers and thundershowers in our regions on many occasions until at least Sunday, April 3rd.

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Given the synoptic configuration expected at the continental level, it should be given Maximum focus Especially al Northwest (Drought in recent months) And AI Tyrrhenian fieldsBut Then to other parts of the country. Nothing unusual. This time of year is often very mild Strong Contradictions Are formed between completely different air masses: last Cold lungs First downward movement from northern Europe on the one hand and downhill from Africa on the other.
As the temperature decreases following the entry of cold air, it will return again. Snow in the AlpsStarting from the bow 1000 meters high. Those who want the best news, heat and sunshine on the climate and environmental front after the very long dry season of the first months of 2022 do not need it!
Next week, heavy rain again in ItalyNext week, heavy rain again in Italy