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Next week, immediately a new African fire, and then a novelty will appear; We tell you what » is

Weather: Next week, immediately a new African flame, then something new will appear; We tell you what

Temperatures will reach 34/35 C from Monday, May 16th. The real anticipation of summer

Weather forecast for next weekThe first summer heat is already sweeping Italy, but the worst (or at best, depending on your view) has not yet come. In fact, temperatures are expected to rise further next week A new African fire Note with temperature values ​​above climatic averages.
The surprises did not end there, on the contrary. As the days go by, something new may appear that testifies that spring is not over yet.

To better understand what to expect, as usual, we need to expand our vision of the entire Continental chessboard: the arrival of the subtropical anticyclone, already by the end of the week, is well known. “Hannibal“Temperatures will rise to around 30 C, especially in the northern plains.

Our focus is focusedStarting next week When we expect The second and most significant improvement in African hypertension.
From Monday, May 16th The largest one-node stretch from the beaches of Algeria and Tunisia Sub-Saharan antagonism Supported by very hot air masses Full summer features. There really is this particular weather structure Common in July A kind of anticyclonic module capable of producing prolonged heat waves (especially in the last 15/20 years).

This new high pressure pulse with sub-tropical look will have one Effect Directly Temperature It will pass quickly 10 ° C even higher than average.
This will be a truly paradoxical climate: think, this time of year (mid-May) the average maximum temperature will generally vary up to 20/24 C in the major cities of Italy; If this trend is confirmed, we expect a high of 34/35 C (and even higher domestically).
Favorite for this big heat Northern Plain And cities like in this case Turin, Milan And BolognaAs well as Tyrrhenian fields Tuscany And Lazio. The heat will still be unbearable The first heat of the season: In fact, hot air masses within the anticyclone will be charged at higher rates Moisture On a long voyage from the Sahara to Italy via the Mediterranean; We remember this physical discomfort, so it should not be underestimated.

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But be careful, in the summer we do not rule out the possibility Temporary It can also occur locally Very serious Especially in the first part of the week (eyes Monday 16 And Tuesday 17) Above the Alps, and then above all Veneto and Friuli Venice Giulia.
In this aspect, in the coming days, after all, we will be able to be more accurate in locating storm risk areas.

The weather will be stable throughout the week; However, Thursday 19th Cold downward currents from northern Europe can crawl along the eastern edge of the countercurrent. Significant drop in temperature. If the sunny weather is still high until at least the weekend, the novelty is about the heat values ​​returning to the expected reference averages during this period. In short, Spring still does not want to give a definite step to summer … we are still in the middle of May, so to be exact!

A new pulse of African anticyclone is expected next weekA new pulse of African anticyclone is expected next week