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Next week, a sharp turn from Monday 2 May is possible. Updates are clear

Weather: A sharp turn from next week, Monday 2nd May is possible. Updates are obvious

Weather forecast for next weekThere will be a sharp turn in the weather forecast from Monday, May 2nd. This is the confirmation that has come out today in the view of Next week Larger movements on a hemispherical scale are probably when the air mass is favorable for arrival Cold Downhill from Northern Europe Capable of healing energy Mediterranean hurricane Almost all of Italy is destined to be in grave danger.

Opening next week Monday, May 2nd Is already in the signInstability Due to the continuous drafts of fresh and unstable winds at high altitudes, especially in the afternoon, it rains over most of the north and the interior of the center.

Tuesday the 3rd will also be an active day in the center-north, however our focus is focused. Wednesday, May 4th When should one survive in the Northern European field Broad depression Who will fly Very cold currents First towards the British Isles, then towards France. This unstable flow completes its course in the Mediterranean and dives directly from the Porto del Ron. So, these currents will feed and revitalize an existing hurricane between Sardinia and Sicily: in short, a kind Perfect storm.
These types of structures Very dangerous to our country; If it is to be confirmed, the expectation is reasonable Intense rain Local people are also at risk Storms And The flood starts from the north (Wednesday 4 and Thursday 5).

Then, the hurricane moves toward the central south, pulling very hot air from the southern hemisphere and pumping moisture across the ocean, providing surplus fuel (potential energy). Extreme weather events. In the second half of the week, even with hail and thunderstorms, sometimes very heavy rainfall cannot be ruled out, which can affect most areas, but most of all March, Abruzzo, Lazio And Campania.
Domestically, 100-200 liters / m2 of rainfall is expected in a very short period of time, which is equivalent to the expected rainfall throughout the month. Soil that has been dry for a long time may not absorb rain, so sudden events are not excluded. Flood Or Sudden flood Rather in localized areas.

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There is still some time, as we always do in these cases, we call with caution, but the signals of the models are very consistent: Bad weather It may really come roaring back in our country.

The cold air coming from northern Europe will be the fuel for a hurricaneThe cold air coming from northern Europe will be the fuel for a hurricaneHurricane risk in ItalyHurricane risk in Italy