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New Year’s Eve, midnight snack with temperatures from the end of May »

New Year’s Eve with temperatures from late MayGet ready for a stunning New Year’s Eve Temperatures are above normal in most parts of the country, even in Alo Expires at midnight!

Between the evening New Year’s Eve and night For new years The African continent will have the strength to push new warm air masses to strengthen the subtropical anticyclone that is already well established in our country. For this reason, we will spend the tenth stage in the name of total atmospheric stability, but above all, an unusual climate environment far from the thermal values ​​that should normally be recorded at this time of the year. Attention, in some cases, we will enjoy the snack with the weather from the end of May rather than the end of the year!
In the map below, we show the expected minimum temperatures for Saturday, December 31: in the colored areas Orange Or Intense yellow Values ​​above 10°C are expectedThe minimum temperature is scheduled for Saturday, December 31The minimum temperature is scheduled for Saturday, December 31
Shall we give you some numbers? The sensational ones stand out 15°C expected FlorenceThat is closely followed Palermo. But even in the north it is nice and warm, despite the frequent foggy atmospheres. Think about most of them Po Valley The mercury fluctuates between 10 and 11 degrees Celsius. TO Bologna They are equivalent 12 Expected marks!

And even in the mountains their teeth do not chatter from the cold Frostbite (Height from positive to negative temperature) In the free atmosphere it is expected at much higher altitudes 3000 meters And a “Spring Cheers” coming soon here too!

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