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Prime anticipazioni per San Silvestro/Capodanno

New Year’s Eve, an amazing hypothesis emerges, we show you the forecasts as well as the first maps »

Weather: On New Year’s Eve, an amazing premise appears, we show you the forecast as well as the first maps

First advance on New Year’s Eve / New Year’s EveThe latest update has brought out a premise that is nothing short of amazingwhich we show you first projections and maps, In the latter part of 2022. In our special offer of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day We will reveal to you, in fact, offbeat Who will accompany us on the way to the New Year.

To understand the expected development in the medium and long term, we must, as usual, extend our gaze to the entire European chessboard, and this is where the great atmospheric figures that cause the weather for several days move all the way to our country. Well, as the map below shows, specifically referring to the last days of the year, it looks like a big day High anti-eddy structure from Africa It may extend over a large part of the Mediterranean basin.Strengthening the fight against the African cyclone towards Italy Strengthening the fight against the African cyclone towards Italy

here you are L’abnormality. Generally, this meteorological number keeps us company through the summer, but this year it decided to overdo it, and managed to rise in latitude In what should be the coldest time of the year.
However, as often happens during the cold season, stagnation of the atmosphere caused by anticyclone a Air stagnation in the lower layersAnd the species in Valpadanawhich led to the formation of fog or low clouds and temperatures that remain very cold even during the day. Therefore, it is not excluded that fog will form in the plains of the north and in the interior regions of the center. Lack of ventilation for days on end will actually lead to stagnation contaminated materials Which, above all, due to the high pressure, will remain “crushed” in the lower layers of the atmosphere, often resulting in poor environmental standards, with serious repercussions for our health (respiratory diseases, etc.).

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On the other hand, in the central south and on the two main islands, if all is confirmed, it is reasonable to expect an increase Decide on air stability with Thermal values ​​reach about 20 ° C during the day.

Obviously, given the time distance We call for caution. These views can undergo major changes, one way or another.