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New wind farm in Sardinia

The launch of the new wind farm in Sardinia serves to find an alternative source of energy in a period of crisis, as well as to stay in line with the objectives of the PNRR. Where exactly will it originate and how much energy can it produce? Let’s find out together!

The New wind farmand the third in Sardinia, will rise from the city of Bodoni, bearing the name Tibula Energia. The project was launched in cooperation with Falck Renewable EnergyLtd., a company that develops, designs, builds and operates renewable energy power plants with an installed capacity of 1,408 MW in the United Kingdom, Italy, the United States, Spain, France, Norway and Sweden.

Renewable energy sources are very important to ensure Sustainability and diversification of resources: Let’s investigate it together.

The New Wind Farm: Where It Will Rise

wind turbines

A new wind farm will be built in Sardinia, Off the coast of Bodoni. The state-owned land concession application was already officially submitted on May 6, 2022, during a meeting with Ministry of Environmental Transformation Specifically intended to implement the project plan.

The park will be the third of its kind on the island, making it one of the greenest and most energy-independent regions in Italy.

The new wind farm: what would it be like?

wind force

Now let’s see at the technical level the characteristics that will be enjoyed by the new wind farm to be built off the coast of Sardinia. The park will count well 62 floating turbineswhich will be set for Not visible to the human eye From the coast, so as not to spoil the wonderful landscapes of Sardinia.

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The production capacity of the park will reach 975 MW The expected production is more than 3.4 TWh / year, which is equivalent to the consumption of more than 900,000 Italian homes. This will allow Sardinia to be more independent in terms of energy, an advantage that is equally important considering recent developments as well.