Sunday, July 21, 2024

New WhatsApp features you may not know you have


There are some amazing new features coming to WhatsApp, but what are they? Let’s find out together and see what they are all about.

What are the new functions on WhatsApp (

As we all know very well, when we talk about WhatsApp we are referring to one of the increasingly popular and loved applications on all our smartphones, as Allows us to send messages. In real time and instantly with whoever we want.

However, one of the strengths of this application is undoubtedly the continuous improvement and optimization work carried out by its team: here, then, Latest news coming soon.

WhatsApp, new features coming soon

New features coming to WhatsApp (

Let’s start right away by discovering the new features that have recently been introduced in the wonderful world of WhatsApp and that perhaps no one has noticed. First of all, in fact, we can mention the introduction of badges Meta verified As far as companies are concerned. For those who have never heard of it, it is a very specific badge that lets you know if the company in question is registered with Meta and above all that it is legitimate. Furthermore, the companies in question will have the opportunity to benefit from more accurate technical support and will also have the possibility to use the same account across multiple devices.

However, the innovations introduced by Whatsapp certainly do not end here. In fact, the so-called Meta AI has recently become available: for those who have not heard of it before, it is already Generative chatbot It is inspired by the LLama model and can be accessed very quickly, i.e. through the action button or the search bar inside our application. In this way there will be the possibility to chat, create images and much more just by using this application.

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Some WhatsApp fixes like:

In addition to the actual new features, we can not fail to mention some improvements that the WhatsApp team has made to make the use and services of this application more accurate and complete every day. Precisely for this reason, regarding the iOS version of this application, the so-called “Favorites” filter has been added within chats, so that you can access chats in a Much faster and easier.

Finally, we can also name the introduction of a new feature: this, precisely, has the specific purpose of wanting to improve our audio and video calls, both those we receive and those we send. Therefore, the possibility of including the audio option when sharing the screen during a video call will also be presented, in order to present the content to your interlocutors. Not to mention finally the possibility of choosing the quality of the media you send: that is, choosing Telecom Regulatory Authority SD and HD.


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