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New week, Monday immediately snow on the plains, then a sudden paw of the Russian bear;  Consequences »

New week, Monday immediately snow on the plains, then a sudden paw of the Russian bear; Consequences »

Weather: New week, Monday immediately snows in the plains, then a sudden Russian bear paw; Archaeology

Weather forecast for the next weeknew week promises Full of events on the weather front! We’ll start right away with Snow falls up to the plains during Monday, January 23rd In different regions, thenthe Russian bear It could soon roar again over Europe and Italy causing cold air currents descending from northern Europe to arrive, almost without interruption and this will still set the big news for the end of the month.

The eyes, in particular, are already focused Monday 23 January When a strong depression driven by air masses of marine polar origin causes a new deterioration in the weather.

Cold currents will favor another formation tornado Capable of unleashing torrential rain, even in the form of thunderstorms and strong gusts of wind. Not only will there be heavy rains, but they may return there as well The snowAnd Particularly in the north: As the map below (pink/purple) shows, given the low temperatures, it is legitimate to expect crusting locally in some lowland areas, particularly in the piedmont, Emilia-Romagna And Lombardy (Here is rain mixed with snow on the plains); to a very low altitude instead in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia.Areas at risk of snowfall during Monday, January 23Areas at risk of snowfall during Monday, January 23
Some snow was brought by strong winds from the northern quarters It can make its appearance up to the heights of lower hills on the Adriatic side Trademarks And Abruzzo.

In the days to follow upas the latest updates confirm, will continue to insist Circulatory depression Which brings cold northeasterly winds. In this context, it will rain especially on the main islands and on Tuesday still in the north, on eastern Sardinia, the central Adriatic and Sicily. Elsewhere, however, weather conditions are more stable with slightly higher temperatures, especially in the middle hours of the day.

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Then, the latest updates point to a new, somewhat cold phase due to the entry of a frozen air mass of continental Arctic origin that could reach our country from Russia. If this is confirmed, then it is reasonable to expect more sharp drop in Temperatures Which will fall below the reference climatic averages, especially in the northern center. In short, this time it seems it’s time for the Russian bear to keep us in the famous company Blackbird days… We will keep you informed!